How to choose a high-quality agricultural V-belt?

June 10, 2022

Material is one of the reasons that determine the quality of agricultural V belt, and it can be said that it is also a very important point. The two main raw materials used in the V-belt are rubber and cord, which greatly affect the quality of the belt.

The rubber materials used in the production of V-belts are mainly natural rubber and neoprene (synthetic rubber), and the cords are mainly made of domestic polyester cords and imported aramid cords.


natural rubber and neoprene

The neoprene structure has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

The imported aramid cord has the characteristics of non-shrinking, resistance to trouble and stretching, high transmission power, and long service life; and polyester cord It is easy to stretch and shrink when in use, the wear resistance and high temperature resistance are poor, and the transmission power is small.


polyester cord and kevlar cord

The Shenwei V-belt is made of imported aramid rope, suitable for high-horsepower, high-load corn, wheat, and rice harvesters, and the quality is guaranteed for at least one harvesting season. So when you don't know how to choose a high-quality agricultural machinery V-belt, you have to ask what material the belt is made of. For high-horsepower machines, try to choose neoprene and aramid cords.