The features of Shenwei ribbed belt and how to solve belt malfunction?

June 09, 2022

The Shenwei ribbed belt is made up of several small triangular belts, which are wide and thin. It has high transmission power and flexibility.

Suitable for multi-wheel drive systems, the specially formulated EPDM composite technology has higher heat and aging resistance than traditional CR-ribbed belts. It can be used in 150℃ high temperature environment for a long time. Special fiber with wedge-shaped surface can effectively reduce noise and improve transmission efficiency.

The following describes the features of the Shenwei ribbed belt in detail and how to solve if the belt malfunction?

1.The features of Shenwei ribbed belt


ribbed V belt

A. High strength thermal memory cord is made of special material.


It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency and heat shrinkage, which can keep the belt steady and extend service life.

B. Precision polishing technology


Make sure the angle of the belt is accurate, the operation is stable, and the noise is reduced effectively.

Used in crude oil pumps, spreaders, seeders, vegetable grinders, household appliances, washers, dryers, machine tools, grinders.

2.How to solve belt malfunction?

A. Belt surface: crack


belt crack

Reason: The belt tension is too low or too high. Ultra high operating temperature. Exceeded belt life.

Solution: Replace SHENWEI belt and correct tensile strength. Check the fan is working properly and replace the belt after all parts are tightened.

B. Belt surface: damaged


belt fracture

Reason: Because the high tensile strength, large foreign objects between the belt and pulley can cut the belt and break the drive rope. Tensile breaks can occur, but won't be noticed when you force or pry on the straps during installation.

Solution: Correct the tensile strength and replace the belt after checking the parallelism of the pulley.

C. Belt surface: rib separation: The rib is separated from the bottom of the belt.


rib separation

Reason: Because Foreign objects (small stones) cut the belt.

Solution: Remove foreign objects and replace pulleys and belts. Calibrate pulley parallelism. Replace belts and select qualified pulleys.