Why choose high quality combine belts?

December 12, 2019

The v-belt has two kinds of special belt core structure and rope core structure, which are respectively made up of four parts: cloth, top glue, tensile body and bottom glue.

The v-belt of the core structure is easy to manufacture, has low price and is widely used.

The v belt with special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for high speed situations.

The belt core of special belt USES the macromolecule polyester toughened palm filaments solid core rod core structure.Because polyester toughened brown silk is the untwisted structure of whole solid core, good adhesion, flexural flexibility, high strength and no running length, it not only greatly improves the service life of rubber belt, but also the service life of belt body is balanced, enterprises can achieve free maintenance and regular replacement.On November 22, 2010, polyester toughened brown wire skeleton material passed the appraisal of the expert committee: compared with the traditional polyester soft rope, hard rope and aramid fiber structure skeleton material belt, the service life is improved by 5-10 times, which is the international leading level.The special belt core transmission belt effectively solves the problem of frequent replacement of common transmission belt in high-load and heavy-power transmission systems, and is favored by the heavy industry enterprises in the world.

Advantages of SHENWEI combine belts

1. Simple structure, low precision of manufacturing and installation, easy to use and maintain, suitable for occasions with large center distance between two shafts

2. Stable transmission, low noise, cushioning and refreshing

3. When overloaded, the belt will slip on the belt wheel, which can prevent damage of weak parts and play a role of safety protection