Why do we need drive belts for agricultural machinery?

January 16, 2020

Drive belts which is a special element (part) of the belt transmission of torque using friction forces or gearing forces (when using timing belts). Such belts are used in those nodes of technology where there is a drive for transmitting mechanical energy.

In agricultural technology, the use of belts is widespread. Agricultural machinery is designed to work in especially difficult operating conditions. Therefore, drive belts for combines, tractors, attachments have a reinforced structure. It allows them to withstand high loads.

Modern drive belts for agricultural machinery have advantages:

- Long service life;

- Use the modern high-tech materials, with a high level of strength and reliability;

- Environmental safety;

- Compliance with high quality standards;

- The special design of the products, which allows protecting belts from damage from stones, dirt, dust and other objects and environments during operation;

- High level of resistance to thermal, oil, oil exposure, as well as weather events, intensive operation in the most harsh conditions.

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