How to use the belt correctly?

December 12, 2019

1. Model matching:  the commonly used type of harvester belt in the market includes SB, SC, HB, HC, HD, HI, HK, HM, etc., and the agricultural belt should be matched with the pulley of agricultural equipment.

2. The tension should be appropriate: should usually  check the tension of belts in work.Use hand gently to move the passive belt pulley, the belt doesn't slip but can turn, proof that the tension is appropriate.If the belt is too tight or loose, the service life will be reduced, the bearing will be damaged easily, and the power will be reduced.

3. Don't stick oil to the belt of the harvester: the harvester belt is made of multi-layer rubber and fiber cord, and the rubber is easy to corrode when stained with diesel oil, gasoline and machine oil, leading to delamination and deformation.

4. Wheel groove should be smooth: the newly purchased agricultural machinery and tools should be smooth before installation. If there are burrs, there should be file up , otherwise the belt will wear easily.

5. Model to unify: agricultural machinery used at the same time than two harvester belt, can't arbitrarily reduce the number of root, change may change at the same time, the model must be uniform, otherwise, the elongation of the old belt or large belt doesn't work, the actual bearing only new belt or the small size belt,this accelerates belt wear, and the transmission efficiency is affected.