What's the difference between harvester belt and other belt?

December 09, 2019

Harvester  belt just as its name implies is to use on the harvester, wheat, corn, rice etc is generally used to combine harvester HST, threshing, and often USES inverse tension wheel, tension roller clutch, such as power transmission structure, combined with the mechanical load power is more and more big harvest, make ordinary triangle cannot meet the needs of the harvester long-term continuous operation.

Classical belt, as we all know, generally by the package cloth layer, stretching (glue), strong layer (layer tensile) and compression layer (glue), and other parts, tensile ability and ability to resist extrusion are bad, cloth quality is generally, to use on the harvester, soon will occur at the bottom of the fracture, etc., thus shortening the service life of mechanical, bring bad effects to the harvest machinery.

Shenwei rubber belts as an enterprise specializing in the production of rubber belts for harvesters, adheres to the selection of high quality aramid rope and chloroprene rubber and devotes itself to finishing each belt, gradually becoming the first choice for high-power (65-165hp) harvesters.