How to store agricultural machinery in winter?

December 12, 2019

In the winter, most agricultural machinery is in an idle state, ready to be stored and maintained for the winter. 

1.Wash and dry the sundries on the surface of the farm implement.

2.Agricultural machinery should be stored in the hangar at a fixed location. If there is no hangar, you can choose to park in a dry place with ventilation from north to south.

3.Pad the agricultural machinery chassis so that the tire (track) is not in a long-term fixed point pressure state, and pressurize the tire to the rated pressure.

4.Add enough engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and the engine to make the whole machine idle for several minutes, so that the various lubrication points of the engine are in a lubricated state, and the gearbox and hydraulic pump are in a lubricated state, and stop.

5.If possible, add antifreeze to the cooling water, and drain the cooling water unconditionally.

6.Perform maintenance on the front and rear wheel cores of the walking device, and apply enough butter.

7.The front and rear tires are fixed with triangular wood or bricks. 

8.All transmission parts, V-belts and chains are in a relaxed state, and all kinds of chains are protected with butter.

9.The harvester's header should be lowered and isolated from the ground with wooden boards at the bottom of the header.

10.The upper and lower sides of the harvester's cutter are protected with butter.

11.Check whether the oil seals and water seals on both ends of the rotary tiller shaft are intact, and replace them if they are damaged.

12.Fill the grease nipples on all implements with butter until the old butter is squeezed out and the new butter is spilled.

13.Remove the battery, fully charge it, wrap it in a plastic bag, and store it in a safe place indoors.

14.Keep a small amount of fuel in the fuel tank and do not let it dry.

15.Machines stored in the open air should be wrapped with tri-color cloth.

By the advice above, winter maintenance of the agricultural machinery should be done well, to extend the life of the agricultural machinery.