How to operate the combine harvester correctly ?

December 12, 2019

The length of service, the failure rate, and the safety and reliability of any machine are not only related to the quality of the machine itself, but also to the use and maintenance of the machine. The use of a combine harvester is no exception. The following points should be noted:

1. The machine operator must go through the formal training of the manufacturer, distributor or related department before taking up the job. If the working principle and operation requirements of the combine harvester are not clear, it is difficult to use a good combine harvester. Therefore, before the machine is used, it is necessary to participate in the operation training of the combine harvester and obtain a driver's license.

2. Please read the product specification carefully before use. Because the structure of the combine harvester is complicated, even though the machine quality is very good, if you do not understand the internal structure and the usage method, you can use it casually according to experience. If you do not operate in accordance with the specification, the machine is prone to untimely failures.

3. Because the harvested crop conditions vary greatly (such as crop varieties, maturity, moisture content, yield, crop height and lodging situation, etc.), so in the use of combine harvester process, should be for changes in crop conditions Timely adjustment of the machine's various related agencies to ensure the performance of the combine harvester.

4. The safety protection device installed on the combine harvester is designed to protect the safety of the operator and its related personnel. Therefore, the machine cannot be disassembled when it is running or working. If it has been dismantled during maintenance, the machine must be restarted before operating or working. Install it. In addition, when operating the machine, it must be performed in accordance with the relevant safety warning signs to avoid accidents.

5. The combine harvester shall be inspected, maintained and maintained regularly and promptly. Such as checking whether there is lack of oil, lack of water, whether there is loosening, whether there is a place for welding, whether there is a worn for the combine harvester belts,whether there is abnormal sound and so on. If there is any abnormality, it should be replenished, adjusted and repaired in time, and the machine must not be allowed to work sick. Otherwise, large failures or damages are likely to occur.

6. In most cases, the structure and overall parameters of the combine harvester are coordinated from the design and cannot be arbitrarily changed or modified. Such as increasing the engine speed, increasing the height of the grain tank, etc., this will not only guarantee the performance of the work, but also accelerate the wear and damage of the machine.

7. The new machine or the harvester after maintenance must be tested and run-in.

8. Periodically clean, inspect, tighten, adjust, lubricate, add, and replace delicate parts of the combine harvester.

9. according to the standard operation can reduce the failure to improve efficiency.

10. Ensure the complete integrity of the combine harvester by keeping it empty.