How to inspected the agriculture V-Belts?

December 09, 2019

In daily life, agricultural machinery often uses the product of agriculture v-belts to transmit power. This kind of equipment can effectively improve the mechanical efficiency, which is of great help to us in daily life. In daily life, we need to test the products when we use the agricultural triangle belt, then how do we test the agricultural triangle belt?

1.Before leaving the factory, the agricultural machinery triangle belt shall be inspected by the relevant departments of the manufacturer before acceptance.In the inspection, we should pay attention to the size, appearance quality and physical and mechanical properties of the products, which all meet the requirements of the products before delivery.

2.The physical performance inspection of agricultural machine triangle belt should be carried out at least once a month.

3.For products of the same type and material, any narrow v band can be selected for fatigue test during inspection. If the test is not qualified, the second test shall be performed, and if the second test is not up to the standard, the second test shall be unqualified.

4.The type inspection of the product shall be carried out every six months, and the type inspection shall be conducted according to the standards.

5.During the inspection of the product, if the size and physical performance of the product are found not up to the standard, the second inspection shall be carried out. If the second inspection can also find the non-conforming phenomenon, the product is not up to the standard.

The above is the introduction of how to test the agricultural machine triangle belt, I believe that you can choose a reasonable and effective triangle belt in life to help us.