How to choose the accurate model of agriculture belt ?

May 10, 2020

    1. Choose the right model and length

    The selected agriculture belt model should be suitable for the pulley grooves, otherwise, it could not use. It is better to take the old belt to compare with the new one, in case to make a mistake model.

    2. Prevent channeling

    When installing the belt pulley, the center of the two belt pulley must be aligned, if not, it will cause the rubber v-belt only working by one side, cause serious wearing and then reduce the service life of the belt.

    3. Suitable tightness

    The tightness of the agriculture belt must be checked constantly and adjusted to meet the requirements always. If the v-belt is too loose, not only easy to slip, but also increase the wearing, even unable to make the transmission workable; If too tight, will make the v-belt elongation or deformation, easy to damage or crack, it will also increase the engine main bearing and clutch bearing excessive stress, and accelerate the rubber belt wearing.

    The correct way to check one belt is to add about 2kg weight in the center of the v-belt by hand, sink down about 20-30mm is perfect. If has any mistake, pls adjust it in time.

    4. Don't confuse the new agriculture belt with the old one

    If want to change the new one of two banded or three banded belts, it should be selected the specified model, the tension of each set of agriculture belt must be the same, don’t mix the old one and new one in one set, or decrease the banded number of the belt, because if do this, it will make the old belt distributed loads unevenly, will impact the transmission power and cut down the belt’s service life.