How to use the combine harvester and spare parts of rubber belt correctly?

May 19, 2020

How to use the combine harvester and spare parts of rubber belt correctly, how to maintain and repair the combine harvester effectively, so that the combine harvester could provide the good performance work is one of the key topics that we are facing at present.Today, this paper is with this series of problems to discuss and study, hope to provide help to most of combine harvester users.

1.Before the operation of the harvester, we must do a good job of inspection of the combine harvester, such as checking the engine oil, water in the water tank, checking whether each fastener is loose enough, checking whether the rubber belt, the machine crawler is tensing, and whether the machine has three leakage phenomenon.If we find that the engine oil is missing during the inspection, we should add the same type of oil as soon as possible.If found to be short of water, should try to add distilled water, not hard water;Some lubricating oil should be added to the rotating parts such as tracks and cutters to reduce the wear and tear in the operation of the machine and extend the service life of each part, especially the rubber belt. When starting the machine, put the block in the position of N, and watch whether it is safe around, reduce the throttle, and hear the horn, let the machine when the throttle is small empty load for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then slowly increase the throttle to work.

2.Before the harvest operation, the operators of the combine harvester should have a detailed understanding of the crops to be harvested, such as the height of the crops, moisture, whether in the state of lodging, field surface moisture, slope, etc., after a detailed understanding of the comprehensive operation, then improve the efficiency of the combine harvester.

3.Combine harvester operation procedures including the following aspects :(1) the operator should first adjust the throttle, let the engine speed maintain at 2000 r/min, and then quickly step on the throttle to make the engine speed up to 2800 r/min.(2) adjust the speed change handle to a lower position, and operate the main speed change handle slowly, so that the harvester can move forward slowly.When the combine into the crop field, pull the mechanical hydraulic lever, lower the cutting table.After entering the field, it is important to adjust the threshing device to a deeper position.At the same time, the harvester in the operation, to adhere to the principle of specific problems and analysis, according to the different location of the plot, timely adjust the appropriate position.When the combine harvester in the field through 50 ~ 100 m, the operator should get off to check the operation of the harvester, such as the separation of grain, threshing loss, and so on, and then timely adjust according to the current working status.After adjustment, run about 100 m to check the status until the adjustment is satisfactory.In conclusion, when the combine is operating, we should pay attention to the following points :(1) the reaper should be avoided from the steering operation, because the crop will be missed in the steering operation.(2) in the operation, the driver should be good at observation, such as some straw, dust and other sundries will fall on the dust proof network, clean up immediately when see it.(3) drivers should pay attention to driving safety to avoid accidents.c