What is the difference between wrapped V-belt and cogged V-belt?

June 02, 2022

Wrapped V-belt and cogged V-belt belong to industrial belt, which are widely used in various industrial fields. What are the differences between them?


1.Profile shape

As their names suggest, the wrapped V-belt is surrounded by a layer of cloth, and the cogged belt is cutting surface.


Wrapped belt and Cogged belt




wrapped V-beltWrapped V-belt 


● Cheap price

● Low-technology

● Short service life

● Weak drive capacity

● Belt pulley requirement is not high





cogged V-beltCogged V-belt


● No slip

● Excellent flexibility

● Good heat dissipation

● High cost performance

● Withstand high temperatures




The decision between wrapped V-belt and cogged V-belt for industrial application can be difficult, and it isn’t always straightforward. We will need to weigh up the level of load-carrying capacity that you require and the amount of drive space available.