The selection tips of combine harvester belts

December 25, 2019

It needs the high load and long time transmission when Combine harvester machines work,so the harvester belts will be faced with many different kind of abrasion and cracked ,how to select the best harvester belts is a problem for many combine harvester users. In order to save the time and cost,some friends never buy the belts from the standard factory,therefore,they have to deal with many problems after buying the improper belts,such as the belts can’t match with the original machine,too long or too short, although some belts’ length is right,but the quality is very poor,which will seriously affect the harvester smooth transmission.

We will introduce some useful tips to help select the best harvester belt as below:

1. We should select the famous brand belt factory,which the same as when we buy the harvester machine,we always valued the brand and quality.The professional factory could produce the best matching parts,the parts are made of the high quality materials,proper size and perfect after-sale system.

2. We should distinguish the different prices,because of the fake products are too simple,low production cost,so they use the low price to attract customers,therefore,the harvester users or spare parts distributors should know the belt market better,if the belts price are have a big difference with your mind,you must keep an eye on the products,because it maybe the low quality products or even the defective goods,or maybe any other unknown reasons.

“Shenwei” is the professional harvester belt factory,we have many years experience of producing all kinds of belts which match different brand combine harvesters,we have the strong R&D research team,keep improving the production process,the materials all imported from the southeast countries,high quality,beautiful surface and excellent user affection which earned the trust and support by our dear customers.