Why the V-belt squeaks when the car stars?

June 01, 2022

If you hear unusual creaking noises from the engine bay,it usually because the V-belt slipping on the engine. You need to know about tensioning, replacing and buying automotive belts.


1.Why does the V-belt squeaks?

Not only the noise unpleasant, it danger to the engine. Why does it squeak? The cause of the unpleasant noise is the slipping V-belt.

The belt is made of rubber. After aging, the friction force will decrease, so the power cannot be transmitted well, and the phenomenon of slippage will occur. The belt and the pulley are


violently rubbed and vibrated, and a certain frequency of noise will be emitted.

If the V-belt is old and overstretched, it will be too loose on the V-belt pulley, causing squeaking. In rain and cold, drive belts are more prone to slippage. Because the wet belt has less


adhesion to the pulley. 



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2.What if the V-belt squeaks?

Don't worry if the squeak lasts only a short time, even after driving through a puddle of water. Cause the belt will dry out after a while. However, if the noise develops more frequently,


especially after start-up and within the first few kilometers, the V-belt should be re-tensioned or replaced.


If you want to prevent unnecessary damage, you can check regularly or replace the V-belt if necessary.