Shenwei is doing the best preparation for the busy season

December 04, 2019

"Shenwei Combine Harevester belts"  is doing the best preparation for the busy harvest season of rice and wheat harvest season.

Right now,all the employes is doing the best to delivery the combine harvester belts to customers,in order to delivery the harvester belts to customers quick and not delay their use,it has been many loading cars waiting at the factory and waiting to load the belts to customer As soon as possible.

With the quick development of Shenwei harvester belt factory, too many orders throw at us in the busy harvest season, Shenwei belt factory intinating emergency measures: production, warehouse and marketing network liankage together. All risk form to guarantee all the belts delivery to customers timeliness and accuracy.

Best quality and highly trasmission perfermance in the Wheat,Rice and Combine Harvester. "Shenwei Belt" has been widely used in different domestic harvester producing factory and after sales market, such as Star Harvester, World Harvester, FengYuan Harvester, Zoomlion Harvester, AGCO Harvester, Sida Harvester, etc. We are keep working on improving the quality and research the best and durable belt.