SHENWEI rubber V- belt with new technologies

May 09, 2020

Rubber V-belt is used to drive machine tools, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, automobiles, tractors, etc. The purpose is to transfer power from the shaft of the power unit (engine) to the auxiliary node. Using leather wheels, such belts transmit torque between the shafts of the mechanism.

In general, the cross-section of the rubber V- belt is an isosceles trapezoid, and the working surface is the side of the belt. The belt works in a special groove of the pulley, which also has a trapezoidal profile. The rotation from one pulley to another is caused by the friction between the surface of the tensioned belt and the side of the groove.

In order to provide customers with more efficient drive belts, the SHENWEI company has made qualitative changes to polyester belts, combined with some special materials of Kevlar to reach one new quality level,the belt quality is much better than before.

SHENWEI company has two kinds of agriculture belts: Kevlar and polyester, which have sufficient oil resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, can withstand long-term exposure to harsh environments, thereby ensuring their reliability and durability. Meet the cost-performance requirements of the vast consumer groups.