Preparatory work before the operation of combine harvester

May 17, 2020

        The combine harvester that can complete the harvesting, threshing, stalk separation, removing offal and other processes of cereal crops at one time.It will enter the busy agricultural season, Shenwei rubber belt reminds you,we should do the following preparations of combine harvester to ensure safety use:

        1. The operating people should have the advance technical training,understand all the operating knowledge of combine harvester.

        2. According to the requirements of the operating instructions for a comprehensive inspection of the harvester, replace the damaged parts, such as the worn rubber belt, adjust the transmission parts to clearance, lubrication parts friction surface.

        3. Check the transmission parts of chain and rubber belts, handrail and pedal of the console are complete, firm and reliable, check if there is a damper under the handrail of the console.

        4. Remove the accumulated carbon in the exhaust pipe of the combine harvester and install the Mars collector, and check and remove the sediment regularly.If the exhaust pipe is too short, it should be lengthened.

        5. Fire extinguishers and lighting equipment should be provided and placed in an easy getting place; No smoking on the combine harvester or in the operation area; when Night operation, lighting equipment must be safe and effective, do not use open fire lighting.

        6. The roads and fields shall be surveyed before operation, and the dangerous sections and obstacles should be clearly marked;At the same time, prepare some tools such as sickles, shovels and spades to remove obstacles at any time.

        7. Check whether the gear shift lever is in neutral position and whether the working clutch and unloading clutch are in the release position, otherwise, it is forbidden to start.

        8. when starting, should observe the machine in front, behind, left, right, the spare parts of chain and rubber belt, whether there is a person, food catcher is sitting steady;During the operation, only operating people is allowed to take the machinery, no one is allowed to stay in front of the cutting table.