Shenwei Brand - Hexagonal Double-sided V-belt

June 01, 2022

Shenwei brand hexagonal double-sided belt, its working surface is four sides, suitable for multi-axis rotation of textile machines, agricultural machinery and other machinery. The following is a detailed introduction to this belt.

1. Structure

The concave sides of hexagonal double-sided belts provide evenly distributed tensile loads, even in contact with pulleys.


The arched top surface of the hexagonal belt provides superior strength to avoid contour bending and deformation, thereby greatly extending the life of the belt.


double-sided belt


2. Material

The oil- and heat-resistant coating of hexagonal double-sided belt which can provides reliable protection of the belt material from external influences.

Vulcanized chemically bonded cords have excellent tensile and tear strengths, as well as resistance to bending forces, strain aging fatigue and impact loads.

3. Features

Hexagonal double-sided V-belt conducts electrostatic charges. Suitable for industrial and agricultural applications with high reliability.

Best selling models: AA, HAA, BB, HBB, CC, HCC, DD and HDD.....